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Uhlsport Themis Control Ball

Match Ball
The Uhlsport Themis Control match ball has been designed to be used on just about every surface.  It has been constructed with an ACS bladder that provides good air retention and rebound characteristics.  In addition, it has been constructed with a PT5, PU panel construction which produces the low water uptake and high abrasion resistance.  The ball meets IMS Standards and is NFHS approved.

Bladder:  ACS 
Cover Material:  PU
Panels:  32
Rating:  Match Ball
Type of Stitching:  Hand

Standard Ball Sizing:
Size 5:  ages 12 and up
Size 4:  ages 8-12
Size 3:  ages 8 and under
Size 1:  skills/practice
Price Range:   $24.99
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